In order to better serve you and your students I could use some information about your scheduled library time. This will help me determine a number of things: what resources I prepare for your class, where in the library we will locate you as well as how many other students/classes may use the library/computers while your class is here, etc.

What topic(s) will your students be researching during their library time?

How many students are you bringing to the library? and how many computers will your class require?

What level of cooperation/collaboration do you want from the library staff?
  • just a second adult to help provide support
  • a cart of books that have been pulled for your topic(s)
  • a brief lesson on the resources available from our library, print and database, for this topic
  • a lesson on search strategies
  • collaboration on developing the lesson
  • team teaching of the lesson
  • something else___