Cornucopia Competition
By Gail Huitt, Reading Consultant
Amity Middle School Bethany

This game was created to be part of a "Hunger Games Party".

Directions:  Gather or make the items listed for the Cornucopia.  Place them in the center of a large room.  Divide the students into two teams, one team on each end of the room.   At the word "GO!" one student from each team runs up and grabs any one item they choose from the cornucopia.  They run back to slap the hand of another teammate, who runs to the cornucopia to grab another item.  This continues until all items are claimed.  Then, as a teacher reads the following scenarios, if a team has the specifically mentioned item that will help them survive, they hold it in the air to claim the points indicated in the script. The team with the most points wins!

The Cornucopia:
Water     medicine     hammer     knife     bread     bow and arrow     shoes     blanket     flashlight     anti-venom     shield     sword     rope    crackers       matches    beef strips       water container       wire for traps       slingshot    sleeping bag          book about edible plants    a blue tarp        fire starters,      band-aids     a sheet

Day 1 in the Arena:
You have been told to get water, but you didn’t fight your way into the cornucopia to get it.  Luckily, you found a stream. Five points (each) for having a bottle of water and/or container to carry water it in.
You  had no idea the nights here would be so cold.  Five points if you have a blanket, sleeping bag, sheet  or tarp.

Day 2 in the Arena. 
You didn't eat yesterday and now you are starving.  Five points for having a book about edible plants, and 5 points for wire, because you can set a trap.  Also five points for having a bow and arrow, hammer, slingshot, knife or sword.
You have caught a rabbit stuck in the bushes, but you will not eat it raw.  Five points for matches, or a fire starter, and five points for having a knife or sword to cut up the meat.
You kick dirt on top of the fire when you are done cooking, but the smoke alerts the Career Pack, and now they are chasing you through the forest. Five points for having water, because you can make mud to camouflage yourself as you hide in the bushes. 
Unfortunately, the bushes have thorns, and you find yourself bleeding all over.  Five points for Band-aids and/or medicine for your wounds. 
It seems as if your pursuers will never leave, and they are so close you can hear everything they say.  Suddenly, all of them leave except one.  If you just had a weapon, you could hit him easily.  Five points for a hammer, slingshot, bow and arrow or sword.  You hit him dead on.

You decide to run before the group comes back and finds a lifeless body.  You head out into a desert area, where rocks are as sharp as broken glass.  Ten points for having a pair of shoes because you can run faster.  Suddenly, a rattlesnake slithers out in front of you, and you can't stop running in time.  You step squarely on it, and it turns and bites you… hard.  Fifteen points for anti-venom, which you apply immediately.  You know you have to get somewhere safe immediately, so you crawl into a shallow cave to wait while you hope the anti-venom works.  Ten points for a sleeping bag or blanket to roll yourself up in, to prevent shock.

Apparently you have been unconscious for quite a while, but when you wake up you feel better; just unbelievably hungry. You are not strong enough to walk on your own and certainly you can't hunt.  But you need food fast.  Five points (each) for having bread, crackers, beef strips, or a book about edible plants, because you aren't sure if the berries you collected earlier are safe to eat or not.
Day 3 in the Arena:

You fashion a crutch for yourself out of a tree limb with your tools.  You're glad you still have your knife or sword (five points for either) to cut the extra branches off.  Your foot is too swollen for your shoe, but you tear up the sheet (five points) and tie the strips over your foot to protect it as you move to a better cave.
However, you are not the only one to choose this cave!  You are shocked to discover there is a family of wolves here also, and the mother wolf is going to fiercely protect her pups.  You grab your shield to fend off her attacks (five points) then grab your hammer, sword or knife (ten points for any of those).  You are fast with a weapon, and the wolf is now lying, bleeding, at your feet.  Quickly, you use your knife or sword (five points each) to cut the meat into strips.  You use your fire starter or matches (ten points each) to build a fire out of the nearby brush, and you roast the meat to save for later.  However, you know the smell of meat will attract more animals.  You wrap the meat in a sheet (five points) and suspend it from a tree with part of your rope (five points) to keep it protected from carnivores.

Your water bottle is dry so you must set off again in search of water.  Your foot is not so swollen now, so you put on your shoes (5 points) to head back outside in search of water.  As you go, the desert gives way to rolling hills and thorny brush.  You are so glad you have shoes (5 points again!).  Suddenly, you hear geese overhead, and you draw your bow and arrow (5 points) to try to shoot one down.  An excellent shot, you have just added some food and juicy meat to your supply.  You take the other part of your rope (5 points) and tie the goose to your waist so you can eat it later.

Higher up you go into the hills, and the weather gets colder.  You reach for your blanket ( 5 points) to put around your shoulders.  It starts to rain.  You use your shield to gather rainwater (5 points), then pour it into your empty container (5 points) while keeping your body dry by using the tarp (5 points) as a raincoat.

You hear the sound of the Career pack again, and you know you have to hide, quick!  But in climbing a tree, you scrape skin off your knees so you are bleeding heavily.  Five points for medicine that will prevent an infection, and/or for band-aids that will keep the wound clean.  Unfortunately, your blue tarp gives you away.  (Deduct 15 points!) The group of vicious players has spotted you in the tree, but you are quicker than they are.  You throw down your hammer (5 points) to knock one of them out. Your slingshot is no use, because you have no rocks, but your bow and arrow is a great weapon.  You have only three arrows, but they all hit their mark and now you are safe. ( 15 points.)
As night falls, you return to your cave.  Your flashlight (5 points) helps you see that there are no animals in there anymore.  You make a fire with your fire-starter or matches (five points for either) for warmth and cooking, and you roast the goose you shot earlier.  After your supper, you add the meat to your sheet-bag (5 points), and go to sleep thankful that your goose has been cooked.