to "create a foundation for lifelong learning"
to provide my students with the abilities to find the answers to their questions and to question what they find
to provide the backbone of support that is needed for teachers to be innovative and effective
to be an active participant in the education of my students
to know my staff and understand their needs
to provide the resources necessary for success
to be "the link between students, teachers and the information that they need" - to create the information center of the school

to prepare students to adapt to change and new inovations
to continue to make the library relevant to a student's education
to search for new ways to connect to my students
to stay current and up to date with technology - remain information literate
to understand that my way is not the only way - be open to new ideas
to seize every opportunity and avenue to bring the world to my students
to be an advocate for current technology
to be a pioneer